Your Relationship With Exercise

Is this picture what you look like after each workout?


That is not a good thing.


You pull up to the gym for another class.


You finish tying your shoes and prepare for the torture that is about to hit you.


Endless amounts of burpees.


A bunch of half-assed box jumps.


Hundreds of squats with shit form. 


Spinning on a bike until your can’t feel your legs.


An hour later you are lying on the floor in a pool of your own sweat and maybe some other bodily fluids. 


You can’t even stand up. 


You are worse off than when you came in. 


But you believe this is how training is supposed to go. 


You think you need to get punished and beat up.


You chase soreness and sweat. 


You do this day after day but aren’t actually seeing any real results. 


Your energy is down.


You are always sore. 




Because this is not what training is.


It may be what working out is but training is not good training. 


Training is so much more. 


Sure there will be times when you are sore and sweaty but celebrating being in a pile of sweat keeled over by the garbage waiting to puke is not something to be proud of. 


Training should have you feeling better. Moving better. Looking better. And having more energy to do the things you love. 

What you are currently doing is taking away from all those things. 


Chasing being so sore and tired you can’t walk up the stairs each session is not what you need.


You need a plan and program that leads you to a better life! 


Chase feeling better.


Chase getting faster.


Chase building strength.


Chase being an athlete 4 life. 


Do athletic shit.


Lift weights.


Move more. 


Unleash greatness.


Be an athlete 4 life!

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