Your Health isn’t All or Nothing!

It has been crazy to see what has happened over the past few years in the MLB.

Batting averages have dropped. There used to be a decent number of players who hit .300.

Now, most players hit in the low .200s and all they try to do is jack home runs.

It is either a home run or strikeout.

Players used to get embarrassed when they would strike out.

Now, they don’t care.

I believe this all-or-nothing mentality is hurting baseball.

Yes, home runs are great. But, take some pride in hitting singles and doubles. Play a little small ball.

The all-or-nothing mentality is also why you don’t make any progress with your training, nutrition, and health.

Yes, you need to go all in on your health goals. But that doesn’t mean everything needs to be perfect.

You are eating great. Then Christmas comes, and you have a few cookies. You beat yourself up and think you screwed up everything. So, you throw in the towel and give up on your progress.


You are just starting. You think you have to change everything right away. New training. New diet. Twenty new habits all at once.

Then you get overwhelmed and frustrated because you take on too much at once.

The all-or-nothing mentality leads you to disordered eating habits and stops your progress.

Instead, start focusing on getting base hits every day.

Then the more hits you get the more progress you make.

Hit more singles – small habits you can do repeatedly that over time create huge change!

One base hit could be eating enough protein at each meal. If you do this over and over muscle starts to build, your body starts to change, and you feel amazing.

If you continually are getting base hits eventually you will start crushing doubles, triples, and homers.

Leading to progress you never thought.

That is when you become a .300 hitter who also drops 50 bombs!

But there will be failures.

You will strike out from time to time.

But like any good hitter, you don’t dwell on it for too long. You step right back into the batter’s box the next at bat and face your next challenge.

When you have a bad workout or have a bad night of sleep don’t dwell on it. Put it in the past and move on to the next one!

What are some struggles you have had with the all-or-nothing mentality?

Drop them in the comments.

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