You Need To Be Aware of Your Calories In and Out

Calories in vs calories out, that is what all the influencers tell you that matters. 

First off, that is wrong especially when it comes to being an athlete 4 life. 

Not all calories are created equal. You should focus on the quality of the calories you are putting in your body. 

But too many of you only focus on the calories you are taking in. 

You know how many calories you eat every day. Which can be great.


You have no idea how many calories you are burning each day. 

You have to have an idea of both sides of the equation. 

Both sides matter because if you are eating a ton and not doing anything, you will add a bunch of unwanted fat. 

If you are doing a ton of intense work and not fueling your body properly that will beat up your body too. 

So you want to know both sides when it comes to being an athlete 4 life. 

Check out the full video I did on this topic below. 

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