You Can Chase Your Side Quest While You Chase You Main Quest

My favorite video games are the ones with a great story and single-player campaign.
Think Read Dead Redemption, GTA, Skyrim, God of War, or Zelda.
These games are long and based on a good story.
These games have the main mission, but they also have side quests.
Start thinking of your training and health like a great story-based video game.
You have your main goal. Maybe that is to get faster. Maybe that is to lose 50 lbs. Maybe that is to add 15lbs of muscle. Maybe that is to be better at your sport.
No matter what your main mission is you can have side quests along the way.
Most people aren’t training for just one thing.
So training for multiple things is going to be a great way to go.
This is how I treat my training.
My main goal is to get faster. So my main focus is on sprinting.
But some of my side missions are to jump higher, be more athletic, be more mobile (do the splits), do a good cartwheel, and get under 10% body fat and stay there.
So I need to train all the things.
These goals/missions change throughout the months and years which is why I think training for all my goals all the time is the best way to go.
I feel this is the best way to go for you too unless you have a specific one thing you are training for, like the Olympics. Where you train for 4 years for a 9-second race or whatever it is.
But it can be tough to organize and train for all your goals at once.
Having specific speed, power, and strength blocks is not the best way to go.
Peaking is not the best way to go.
Do it all! Speed, power, strength, mobility, movement, and whatever else, all the time.
Adjust the volume and importance of each based on your main quest and side quests and what you want to prioritize during that time of year.
If you want to get stronger, make strength the main goal with lifting. But still sprint, jump, and do other things as your side missions.
If you want to dunk a basketball, make jumping and dunking the main mission while doing the other stuff as your side missions.
What is your main mission with your training and health?
What are your side quests?
Let me know in the comments.
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