When the Going Gets Tough Lower the Standards

When the going gets tough lower the standards! 


Everywhere in society, you see it. 


You lose in a youth sports tournament. He is a participation trophy. 


The NBA created the play-in tournament so more teams could get in the playoffs. Making the regular season even more worthless. 


The NCAA made the tournament 68 teams and then teams complain about not getting a bid. Here is a thought…win more games and you will get in!


Colleges lowering academic standards to meet minimum requirements. It is called higher education for a reason. 


Fitness influencers promote eating highly processed foods as part of a healthy nutrition plan. 


Health advocates promote just enough exercise to get by. 


Promoting being fat and out of shape as being healthy.


This is way too common today. 


Society has gone soft.


If that is the way you want to live, fine. That is your choice. But that isn’t what it should be about. 


We don’t want to be average here at TAG!


If you want to be great stop lowering your standards!


Set unrealistic goals and chase them. 


Work to win at everything you do! Learn to lose and fail. Learn from those failures and use them to fuel your growth toward greatness. 


When the going gets tough are you someone who just gives up or just sets lower standards? 


You want to lose 20 lbs of fat. It will be tough. You will need discipline. After a few weeks of not seeing results do you just stop and lower your standards and think I am fine with being 20 lbs overweight?


Let’s change that way of thinking!


Change your mindset and your life. 


Stop lowering the standards.


You can’t control society’s standards but you can control yours.


Raise your standards, and unleash greatness. 

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