What does Kyler’s new contract clause have to do with fitness?

Kyler Murray recently signed a new contract extension with the Arizona Cardinals.
Great for him! Get that money!


I am all for players getting as much money as they can, whether they are pro or in college. I am all for anybody getting as much money as they can. That is one reason I started my own business, so I could make money and earn my own worth.


Today it came out that there is a clause in his contract that he needs to study film for 4 hours a week outside of being with the team.


This may seem weird.


Shouldn’t he be studying film already?


Well, I don’t think it is all that weird.


But what does this have to do with fitness and health?


It is my belief that this clause was put in place for accountability.


To hold him accountable for his actions and if he doesn’t he will lose money.


This is the same reason most people do not achieve their fitness and health goals.


They have no accountability. This is why hiring a coach who will hold you accountable is beneficial to people struggling.


You struggle to hold yourself accountable even though you know you should be exercising, sleeping, and eating well.


You look for all the free and cheap ways to do things but it doesn’t work because you have no skin in the game.


Once you invest your money and time into your health that is when you start having accountability.


And the best way to do this is to hire a coach.


The Cardinals are investing money in Kyler and holding him accountable. And Kyler is giving up money if he doesn’t go through with this accountability. So he is more likely to do the work.


If you invest in a coach, in your health, and in your fitness, you are more likely to succeed.


Do you struggle with accountability?


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