What Can You Eat?

Whenever I go to a family gathering or go out with friends, I always seem to get asked…


“What can you eat?”


“Is there anything here you can eat?”


It gets annoying but now I just laugh at it because we live in a society that is ass-backward.


A society where the norm is to eat junk food all the time.


And people who take their health seriously are looked at as weird.


Well if that is going to be the case I choose to be weird!


But my answer to these questions is I can eat whatever I want!


I control what choices I make and what I eat. I am a human.


Just like you!


You make the choices of what you can eat too!


Anyone can choose whatever they want to eat. That is part of being human.


If you choose to eat junk all the time that is your choice.


I choose to eat foods that are going to make me feel, look, and perform better.


But I don’t look down on people who eat junk food all the time it is their choice.


Humans need to do a better job of not caring what other people are doing and worrying about themselves.


But when someone is ready to make a change TAG Performance & Nutrition is here to help!


You can get results by eating quality food that not only helps you but tastes great too!


Many people don’t start living a healthier life because they are afraid that they might get alienated or made fun of by their family and friends.


This can be tough but it is important to do what you want to do and not what others want you to do.


Take control of your life and not try to please everyone else.


If you are ready to take control of your life and your health while having someone in your corner the entire journey click here.

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