Waiting for the New Year to Start?

That time of year is coming!


New Year’s resolution time.


As soon as January 1st hits you will…


Start eating better! 


Start a new training program!


Focus on sleep!


Focus on your health!


But what happens to you between now and then?


You eat everything in sight. 


You sit on the couch watching the bowl games, NFL, NBA, and NHL games without ever getting up once to move. 


You stay inside because it is too cold out.


But once the New Year hits everything will change for you.


Then the New Year hits and nothing changes.


You have gained 15 extra lbs. 


You have more aches and pains throughout the body.


You have no energy or motivation to start. 




You never start.


Or when you do you realize how far behind you put yourself and you have that much more work to do.




You can start now!


There is no endpoint to your fitness and health journey so the sooner you start, the sooner you can start feeling better and becoming an athlete 4 life. 


Start small and gradually add more. 


Find a training program that meets you where you are and progresses as you do. 


Start working on nutrition habits rather than focusing on calories and macros right away.


Walk more. 


Create a sleep routine. 


So my question to you is why wait?

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