Looking for something for your kids to do this fall/winter?

With most of the events being cancelled, kids are stuck inside without a lot of activity.

We have the perfect opportunity for your kids to


We help 5-13 years old kids build strength, speed, and coordination.

These skills are important for all kids, not just athletes.

Feel better. Move better. Get stronger.

Build the confidence to last a lifetime.

Welcome to TAG! You’re fit. Virtual Youth Training!


You child is on their devices a lot. Why not have them be active at the same time?

You want them to move more. To be healthy and active.

Maybe they play sports and you want to get them stronger and faster.

You want to help them avoid the injuries that plague so many youth athletes and kids in general.

But how do you do that in a way they’ll actually enjoy?

The truth is, most youth fitness programs out there destroy a child’s love for movement.

They’re basically watered down bootcamp classes designed for adults.

This is a disaster.

It leads to injuries, burnout and a general dislike for physical activity.

What goes on in a virtual session?

You won’t see kids doing burpees here.

We will work on fundamental movement patterns.

What you will see looks a lot like play.

But the magic is in the science.

Every game, challenge and activity is designed to strengthen fundamental movement patterns and build stronger, faster, more mobile bodies.

The result?

Kids feel better, move better, avoid injuries, develop rock solid confidence and cultivate a lifelong love for movement.

It’s the foundation for a happy, healthy life.

My approach to youth fitness:

Improves brain function

Enhances emotional well-being

Increases social skills

Builds resilience

Boosts body confidence

In each session, kids will:

Have fun

Improve coordination

Improve balance

Enhance athleticism

Increase strength

Boost overall fitness

Interact with other kids

Make memories

2020/21 Virtual Training Details

Cost: $40 per child, per month (4 sessions per month)

2 kids in same household $60 per month. 

3 + kids in same household $50 per month

 Classes begin Saturday November 7th

We run one session for 5-9 year olds and another for 10-13 year olds

Sessions will be held on Saturday mornings from November – March

5-9 years old

9:00 am – 9:45 am

10-13 years old

10:00 am – 10:45 am

Each session will last about 45 minutes.

Classes will be run via Zoom. Kids will need access to computer, tablet, or phone for live class.

*More times could become available if needed.

We will do our best to make up sessions if one has to be cancelled for some reason.


Q: What are the ages for virtual classes? A: We have one camp for kids 5-9 years old and another for kids 10-13. A little leeway by a few months on either end is ok.

Q: How much does it cost? A: $40 per child, per month. If you have 2 kids in same household it will be $60 total per month. If you have 3+ kids it cost $50 total per month.

Q: I have two children whose ages put them into different camps. Can they both go into the same one? A: Possibly, if needed. The camps are divided into developmentally appropriate age groups. And while your younger child might be advanced or older child protective, we have to think of the group as a whole. 

Q: Can I sign up for future camps all at the same time? A: Yes. As long as there’s availability, you can sign up for however many dates as you’d like.

Q: What times are classes? A: 5-9 yo is 9:00am – 9:45 am. 10-13 yo is 10:00am – 10:45 am. We start and end on time.

Q: What should my child bring to each class? A: No equipment necessary. They just need clothes they can move in. They might want some water.

Q: Who leads each camp? A: Trevor Gutting leads every class.

Q: What types of exercises will you do? A: We will teach them the fundamental movement patterns. Then we play games that require the child to perform fundamental human movement patterns – run, skip, hop, jump, crawl, lunge, push, pull, rotate, resist and throw. We “hide” these movements in games in order to keep your child’s focus on the most important part- having fun! 

Q: What if my child has an injury or is differently abled? A: We can accommodate everyone. Please contact us to discuss your child’s particular needs before enrolling.

Q: Is this a weight loss camp? A: No. The goal is to get children moving and feeling better in their bodies and minds. The topic of weight loss or gain is not addressed in camp.

Q: Will this make my child faster? A: Maybe. This is not a designated speed camp, but the outcome of our process is improved fitness. When a child improves balance, coordination and overall relative strength, speed gains are often seen.

Q: My child plays baseball. Will this help with that specific sport? A: Yes. Our approach to youth fitness and performance is unique and distinct. We understand the science-backed needs of children as they develop physically and mentally. We don’t specialize in any one particular sport and believe that specialization at this age is a huge mistake.

Q: Do you offer private training for kids and adults? A: Yes. Our founder takes on a small number of clients throughout the summer and year that he sees in his private training facility in River Falls and remotely around the world. For more info, email trevor@tagpn.com.

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