The Struggle Is A Part of The Journey!

We all go through struggles throughout life. 


I am no different.


Life has been full of struggles for me. 


Whether that be my previous battles to build a healthy version of myself. The partying. The drinking. The not sleeping. The trying to fit in. 


Currently, my biggest struggle has been building TAG. 


The struggle to make enough money to pay the bills.


The struggle to realize that most of my family and friends don’t and will not ever support my business unless they can get some sort of discount that benefits them. 


When you want to help people and build a business built on quality coaching and not fads or gimmicks it can be tough. 


The countless unpaid hours. 


The sleepless nights waking up with new ideas and thoughts. 


Promoting health in a world where everything is against health. 


The struggle to stay real and not give in to all these cornball marketers and gimmick coaches who try to sell fads. 


But without struggle there is no growth. 


Struggle makes the success that much better.


It makes everything worth it.


What does this have to do with you?


You are probably struggling!


And some of your struggle probably comes from working to be a healthier human!


Maybe you struggle with…


What to eat to burn fat and build muscle.


Feeling guilty because you don’t want to go out partying with friends and would rather stay in and eat well. 


Being consistent with your training on a busy schedule.


Getting your kids to eat better. 


Aches and pains making everyday tasks harder than they need to be. 


Having energy to play with your kids. 


Whether your struggles are with health. Or, business like me. We all struggle. That is life!


But are you actually doing the work to get through the struggle or do you just throw in the towel?


Embrace the struggle. 


Be you.


Turn your struggles into the ultimate success. 


Unleash greatness!


What are you currently struggling with?


Let me know in the comments. 

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