The Secret Killer of Your Progress

When I started online coaching I knew I should use software that would help me streamline my coaching and make things easier for me.
I Googled best training software.
I asked other coaches what they use.
I did a free trial of a bunch of different software.
Seeing what works and what didn’t.
What I liked and what I didn’t.
Contemplating, comparing & contrasting different features.
Even losing sleep over it.
Hours turned into days, which turned into weeks.
Finally, after a ton of wasted time, I picked one.
Now, wondering what I could have gotten done with all the time I wasted over picking software.
You are probably thinking…Get to the point, Trevor!
But think about it.
You are probably doing the same thing.
Wasting a bunch of time trying to make a decision!
You make tons of decisions each day.
Beef or Chicken.
The Rock or Stone Cold.
LeBron or MJ.
Packers or Bears. Well, that one takes no thought at all.
Work a crappy job you hate or chase your dreams.
Be an unhealthy, lazy couch potato, or be an example of health for your family.
Start your fitness journey or continue to be broken down, out of shape, unathletic, and low energy.
These are all decisions.
One thing that will help you make progress is to stop waffling over your decision.
You spend too much time beating yourself up over many stupid things.
Time wasted.
Sleep lost.
Stressed out of your mind.
Just make a decision!
Think of all the time you can save from making a decision that you can use for actually making the progress you want.
Usually, the best decisions come when you follow your heart and gut.
Have you been wasting time deciding to start your fitness journey?
Maybe, you have been wasting a ton of time deciding whether or not to work with TAG?
I promise once you make a decision either way a weight will drop off your shoulders.
You will know you made the if you made the right decision.
I know have made plenty of bad decisions and they usually are not following my gut.
Make a decision and finally make progress!
Let me know below if you battle with making decisions.

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