The Best Exercise You Aren’t Doing!

This is the best exercise you aren’t doing!

What is the exercise?

It is an exercise that has become my personal favorite to do.

This exercise …

Builds speed.

Builds muscle.

Builds strength.

Burns fat.

Is the best core exercise you can do.

Builds power.

Makes you athletic.

Drumroll, please.

The exercise is SPRINTING!

It is now September which Mike Tucker, Strength coach at Villanova, coined as Sprintember.

So if you focus on one exercise this month, make it sprinting.

Start slow.

Don’t just randomly start sprinting at 100%.

That is a recipe for torn hamstrings and quads.

Build up.

Start with a dynamic warm-up.

Then progress to some sprinting drills. 

Then do some build-up sprints.

Start at shorter distances and gradually work to longer sprints over time.

When sprinting to build speed and get faster, make sure you are taking full recovery between reps. 

My rule is 60 seconds for every 10 yards sprinted.

So if you sprint 10 yards, rest 1 minute.

If you sprint 20 yards, rest 2 minutes.

Sprinting is a max effort movement.

So if you want the most benefit from it you need to be rested.

Want some ideas of different sprint drills and sprints?

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I am doing 30 days of sprints to celebrate Sprintember.

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Sprinting is fundamental for training like an athlete 4 life!

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