Take Risks: My Journey to Becoming a Trainer and Coach

My passion for fitness and nutrition started when I was a kid, but I have not always worked as a trainer. This blog focuses on my journey into fitness and nutrition as a career and how I had to take risks to get where I am.

How my journey started

It was November 2018, right around Thanksgiving. I was working as a marketing and inside sales manager for a construction company and making good money doing it. My day was going along smoothly when a co-worker, not my boss, came in and told me I was being laid off for the Winter and my last day would be Friday. I was caught off guard because I was not expecting it, especially since my boss had someone else inform me since he was on vacation. I also was not given a good reason why I was being laid off. Only that they were laying office employees off this year instead of the construction laborers. It turned out I was the only office worker, of the four who worked there, laid off. 

Over my final few days there I had time to think and figure out what I was going to do next. I knew I would not be returning to that company because it was a miserable place to work anyways. Did I want to pursue another marketing position or make a career change? I had been thinking about a move into the fitness and nutrition world for a few years and it seemed like there was no better time to do it. 

A fresh start

In December, I took an internship at ETS Performance in Woodbury, MN and worked as a sports performance coach intern, over the next six months, while I continued to look for another job. This was one of the first risks I took. I interviewed and received offers for marketing positions, but working with the youth athletes at ETS really made me not want to go back to working in an office. It felt good knowing that I was actually impacting the lives of kids. At this time, I realized this is what I am meant to do. I loved going to work every day, even though I was not making any money.

I decided it was time to get certified as a personal trainer, so I earned my CPPS (Certified Physical Preparation Specialist) and ISSA Personal Trainer certification. To go along with the Precision Nutrition Level certification I earned a year prior. I then took a personal trainer position at the New Richmond Centre. At the Centre, I honed my craft working with people of different ages and abilities. From youth athletes to adults just beginning his or her fitness journey.

Going out on my own

In the back of my mind, I have always thought about starting my own business and that is a big reason why I decided to pursue my college degrees in business. So, I decided to take a risk and go all in. In July, I formed TAG Performance & Nutrition LLC. I am on a mission to help people achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. I want to control my own destiny, make my own schedule, and do what I love.

Was it scary going out on my own? Yes. Was I nervous? Yes. I had tons of questions and thoughts. Where do I start? Will I make enough money? How will I get clients? Will I be any good? How do I run a successful business? Will I succeed?

I did my research and decided to go for it. There is no better way to learn than by doing it. I knew there will be ups and downs. So what if it starts out slow. At least I know I control what I am doing and not putting my fate in someone else’s hands. I have the belief in myself to take the risk to start my own business and bet on myself. The boring office jobs will always be there, but why not be happy going to work each day being able to impact a person’s life.

What risks are you ready to take?

If you are in a similar situation, take risks! Maybe that means try out a new career part-time or as an intern. Maybe you already love your job and the risk has nothing to do with work. It could be traveling somewhere or starting a new hobby. If the risk you are looking to take is starting a new training plan, I can help! Hire a coach is to start on your fitness and nutrition journey. Click here to apply for coaching with me and together we can achieve your goals!

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