I started training with Trevor in April of 2019. My goals were to lose weight, build muscle, increase energy and my self-esteem. With Trevor’s training program and nutrition coaching, I am well on my way to a happier, healthier me.
– Marilee, 61, Mother, Grandmother, Warehouse worker
Trevor did a great job of creating a plan that tailored to my life. He took time to get to know me, my nutrition and what I was looking to get out of training. The plan he created was easy to follow but challenged my physical abilities. Trevor was flexible and made scheduling workouts with him easy. Trevor did a fantastic job of communicating with me and checked in with me on how my training was coming along. If you’re looking for a trainer to challenge you and hold you accountable, Trevor will help you achieve your goals.
– Steph, 39, Mother, Manager, Distance Runner
Great trainer, he listened to what I wanted to get in shape for (football) and how to eat better. He motivated me to do better when I was struggling. I can’t wait to work with him again.
– Kaleb, 14, Middle School Athlete
Would highly recommend Trevor to everybody. He’s been helping me out for over 11 weeks now and I am seeing big results in both muscle gain and overall energy throughout my days.
– Austin, 19, College Student
Trevor was personable and professional. He did not give me a generic program that might have worked for me. Instead, he put in the time to make an individualized 4-week program that catered to my fitness goals. He could have just taken my word for it that I was knowledgeable about how to properly complete the workouts, but he preaches safety first. So, he still personally verified that I was doing the correct techniques for my workouts, especially my lifts. So that my time spent working out was not only safe but effective and efficient. Even then, he did not just send me on my way. He checked in and followed up with me weekly, offered additional guidance and support, and made recommendations or changes as I improved and/or needed modifications. He truly cares about his clients.
– Jessica, 31, Mother and Full-time student

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