Stop Treating Your Car Better Than Your Body

From the moment you drive that new car off the lot, it becomes your baby.

You wash it weekly.

You shine it up nice.

You fill it with the best gasoline.

You don’t park near any other cars so it doesn’t get scratched.

You don’t drive it in bad weather.

You keep the inside clean and fresh.

You buy all the fancy accessories: pipes, tint, rims, etc.

You spend every free minute obsessing about it, even giving it a name.

You don’t let anyone else drive or even look at your car the wrong way.


You are out of shape, overweight, have no energy, and your body is full of aches and pains.

You treat your car better than you treat your body.

You spend more time worrying about how clean your car is than you do about how good your health is.

You fuel your body with junk.

You don’t sleep.

You never move.

Does this sound like you?

Do you care more about your car than you do your body?

If you don’t take care of your car it falls apart.

The same thing happens when you don’t take care of your body. Except you only get one body! You can always replace your car.

My challenge to you is to start treating your body better than your car.

🍎Fuel it with quality food.
💤Prioritize sleep.
🏋️Start a training program.
😎Manage your stress.

But none of this will happen until you start caring about your health and make the conscious choice to do something about it.

Better health will allow you to take even better care of your car and unleash greatness in your life.

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