Specialization is all the rage these days.

Parents, you think your kids need specialized sport-specific training and play one sport all year.

Youth athletes, you think you need a position coach, special combine camp, or some secret drill.

Pitchers, you think all you have to do is throw hard.

Basketball players, you think all you have to do is be able to shoot.

The more specialized you think you need. The more general you probably need!

Specialization limits your growth.

Whether it is sports, business, or life.

A pitcher who just throws hard and can’t throw strikes is going to suck.

A youth athlete who starts specializing in one single sport or skill too early is more likely to burn out.

Sure, there are the Tiger Woods and Williams sisters but they are outliers.

In my opinion, it is better to be good at different things.

There is nothing wrong with only playing one sport but it shouldn’t be the only thing you do year-round.

Why not be good at a lot of different skills?

That will make you better at the thing you want to be best at.

Pitchers, become a good athletes first. Get fast, strong, and learn how to move.

Basketball players, get athletic, jump, cut, get strong, pass, shoot, and dribble.

Business owners, get good at sales, marketing, communications, etc.

Coaches, learn speed, strength, conditioning, nutrition, etc.

You can always refer out other things but knowing more and being good at multiple things will make you better at the main thing.

If all you do is specialize you will limit yourself in life!

You will only go so far. And what if that doesn’t work out?

If you are like me you enjoy learning and chasing new ideas and goals.

To do this you need to get better at more things.

Get out of your comfort zone.

Learn new things.

Get good at new things.

Unleash greatness in your life!

Drop you thoughts below.

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