Should Athletes Use Crossfit?

CrossFit is Not a Great Option For Athletes!
If you are a team-sport athlete or any athlete really and want to perform the best on-field/court then there is a better way to train.
When I get asked if CrossFit is a good way to train for an athlete, I cringe.
CrossFit might be good at building a community.
And some of the athletes are jacked but probably can’t hit a baseball or throw a football.
Why not CrossFit?
❌Random workouts – There is not a lot of structure or focus on the programming. Just show up and do this workout of the day.
❌No focus on form and intent – You see a bunch of sloppy reps and no focus on proper movement.
❌Crazy high rep schemes – high reps which lead to fatigue and crappy form.
❌Not enough strength and power focus – There is not much focus on the heavy lifting to build strength or dynamic lifting to build power. It focuses more on endurance.
❌Stupid exercises – burpees and kipping pull-ups
❌No rest – It is balls to the wall all the time. Athletes need to rest and recover. CrossFit doesn’t follow the work-to-rest ratios of sports.
❌Not much sprinting and Jumping – If there is, it is done with incomplete rest or in a fatigued state.
This doesn’t mean an athlete won’t see gains. It just means it isn’t optimal.
CrossFit is good for people who want to be good at CrossFit. Not athletes!
How should athletes train instead?
✅Like an athlete – Sprint, Jump, skip, bound, crawl, throw, cut, lift
✅Use heavy weights in low reps to build strength (think 1-5 reps) with a lot of rest.
✅Use Sprints to get faster.
✅Use jumps, bounds, skips, throws, Olympic lifts, and dynamic effort lifts with complete rest to build power.
✅Use conditioning methods that mimic the work-to-rest ratios of his or her sports.
✅Have a plan and track it. Nothing is worse than just doing random crap every time you show up to the gym.
✅Focus on technique. Have intent in your movement.
Are you an athlete or have an athlete that has been contemplating trying out CrossFit to get better at your sport?
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