Post-Workout Nutrition

You Don’t Need To Drink a Protein Shake Immediately After Your Last Rep!
But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a post-workout meal.
Can you have a post-workout shake?
Yes, but there is no magic in having it right after a session. That is just a marketing ploy by supplement companies.
You should eat within an hour after training, if possible.
After a workout is a perfect time to refuel and rehydrate the body.
A post-workout meal will help rebuild and repair muscle and prepare you for your next training session.
What should the meal include?
✅Protein – to repair muscle tissue and reduce muscle breakdown. Greek yogurt, milk, eggs, lean meats, and protein powder are a few good options.
The amount needed is based on each individual but shooting for 20-30 grams is a good start.
✅Carbs – Carbs are the best fuel source for your body. During exercise, your body uses up the stored carbs for fuel, which is glycogen the energy source for muscle. So in order to refill your glycogen stores eat carbs. This will help your body perform at its best. Fruits, oats, rice, and potatoes are some good carb sources.
Everyone is different but a good goal is to consume between .5 grams – 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight.
✅Water – when you exercise you sweat. Therefore, you need to make sure you rehydrate with some high-quality H2O.
Again, this can be an actual meal or snack, like a bowl of Greek yogurt and some fruit.
Or, it can be a protein shake with protein powder, oats, and fruit.
You don’t need to eat right after your last rep, but you do need to get your postworkout nutrition down if you want to perform at your best and live optimally.
What is your favorite post-workout meal?

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