Parents, Help Your Athletes Out

Hey Parents, You play a BIG role in your child’s athletic development!

Playing their sport is only going to take your athlete so far.

Too many kids these days are only playing their sport or sports, not knowing that they need much more if they want to be the best athlete possible.

Yes, the best way to get better at a sport is to play and practice it but it is far from the only thing they need.

Most athletes don’t need more practice or games.

They are doing enough of that playing for ten different teams at the same time.

This is where you, the parents, can play a big impact on their life.

Your kids probably don’t need more specific position training, especially if they are a newbie.

Your kids don’t need to be playing one sport year-round.

Your kids don’t need to go to all these special showcases that do nothing for them.

What can you do to help?

💰 Invest your time and money. Not just into equipment and gear, but into speed and strength training. That $500 bat is not going to help if your athlete is too weak and slow to hit the ball out of the infield. Instead, get them working with a quality coach to help get them stronger, faster, and more powerful.

🍓 Invest in better food! Stop with the fast food and crappy school lunches. Focus on whole nutrient-dense foods.

😴 Promote sleep.

Make sure they are recovering. The body can only handle so much.

Support them. Make sure they are having fun. Don’t want it more than they do!

Being a great athlete takes so much more than just on the field or court. They have to do the things off the field too.

Plus, if they learn these things as a young athlete they will be better off down the road and excel in LIFE!

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