Newbie Gains

“This athlete put 50lbs on his squat in 6 weeks.”

Parents, you hear these claims a lot when you are looking for a place for your kids to train. 

Some of them seem awesome and some of them seem too good to be true.

First, not all youth athletes are the same. 

When a kid is first starting out with a training program if they are doing the work and following a good program they should see great improvements.

Heck even crappy programs done consistently can help them.

It is possible that a newbie athlete can add 50 lbs to his squat in a few weeks.

Why? Not because of some magic program or secret sauce!

They are getting more neurologically efficient. They get stronger.

They are figuring out how to use their body.

The first couple of years of training consistently untrained athletes can make some amazing progress.

Doing simple basic compound movements, sprinting, jumping, and throwing will do the trick.

They do not need some fancy, elaborate system. 

Master the basics. Master the movements. Do it consistently. Train and lift year-round. Even in-season!

Then after a few years of that, the progress might start to slow and plateau.

This is when they might need to start looking into some more advanced methods.

Most kids and parents want their kids to jump on some magic training program designed specifically for their position in a sport.

Instead, look for a program and coach that designs the program specifically for YOUR kid.

ll athletes are different.

They have different needs. But, when first starting out many need the same things. Strength. Coordination. Muscle. Stability. Proper movement. Speed.

But that doesn’t mean they have the same exact program.

That is why at TAG we customize each program to the specific athlete we are working with.

Each athlete progresses at a different rate. Some are more advanced than others.

Some need more squatting.

Some need more pulling.

We have a method for programming for youth athletes that is tweaked for each individual to progress them at their own pace and push them to be the best they can be on the field and better off the field!

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