Maybe It’s Not The Kids!

“Kids these days”

How often do you hear that?

I hear coaches, teachers, and other adults talk so much about how this generation of kids is so different. 

That they are lazy. 

They are soft.

That they are inactive. 

They are weak. 

That they don’t work hard.

They spend too much time in front of screens.

Is some of this true? 


But think about it. This is every generation. 

Every generation is different. 

Your parents probably said things like this about your generation. 

Your grandparents probably said the same things about your parents’ generation.

It is how things go. 

As adults, we need to realize that things change. Not everything needs to be like “the good old days”. 

So when I hear coaches complain about a kid not listening or working hard think. What were you like at that age? Think about how you can help and do a better job.

It is more a problem with the adults than there is a problem with the kids. 

You blame kids when they make excuses, but do you take blame when you are making excuses and complaining about kids today. 

A good coach can adapt and change. Everyone is different, meet them where they are at. 

Before blaming everything on this generation, look in the mirror and see if you are doing what you can. 

The kids are probably taking after the adults in their life!

Do you want your kids to be healthy and active?

Are you healthy and active?

Are you a coach who preaches being in good shape but you are a fat turd who struggles to climb the stairs?

One of the biggest things I see with kids is their lack of confidence. 

They are too often told by coaches, parents, teachers, and doctors that…

“You can’t do that”

“You’ll get hurt if you do that”

“That is dangerous” 

This beats them down mentally and destroys their confidence. 

Then it gets in their head that they can’t do anything. 

They think they are fragile and soft.

Your kids are not fragile. Stop making them think they are! It is the adults in their life that are soft and have fragile mindsets that rub off onto the kids.

Whether it is being able to somersault or lifting heavy weights, the kids can do stuff that might be considered dangerous and if they break their neck…walk it off!

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