Is your training missing this element?

This is the missing link from you being an athlete 4 life




Power is one of the first things we lose as we age and stop playing sports.


You can still develop and should be developing power even after your playing days.


Power is one of the attributes we train in our Athlete 4 Life coaching.


Power = Force x Velocity


Improving power improves our ability to utilize strength. 


How do we train for power?


  1. Sprinting – might be the best exercise you can do. This is not running long distances. Sprinting at full effort and getting full rest is the best way.
  2.  Resistance training – Lifting heavy weights will help develop power, so will lifting lighter weights faster like with the dynamic effort method (lighter weights done for fewer reps but more sets, focusing on moving the weight fast and explosive).
  3. Ballistics – This is done by throwing, tossing, and slamming med balls, baseballs, even weights in many different variations.
  4. Jumping & plyometrics – jump, skip, hop, bound, land, and everything in between.


Getting old is no excuse to lose power!


Power will help you live a better life and be more athletic for the rest of your life.


Want to develop power while moving better?


Apply for our coaching and we will help you with that!

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