Is all that running getting you nowhere?

More Running Will NOT Get You That Lean Athletic Body⁠
You want to get lean.
You want to be athletic.
So you lace up those brand new shoes that look like pillows and start jogging.
A mile today.
A mile the next.
Day after day.
Week after week.
A few months later you realize nothing has changed.
Except for your knees ache.
Your Achilles tendons hurt.
And you have shin splints.
You look in the mirror and your body looks the same.
You hate running but you feel like this is the best way to “Get in shape”.
You dread the thought of your feet pounding the pavement.
Yet you keep doing it because that is what you were told is how to get lean.
Long-distance jogging is not the best way to build a lean, athletic body.
Sure, if you enjoy running or if you are training for a long-distance event, do it. But if you want to build a lean, athletic body you don’t need to do it all the time. ⁠
Being a cardio connoisseur is not the answer.
What is?⁠
Besides nutrition, sleep, and recovery, the best thing you can do is to train like an athlete. ⁠
Lift heavy weights
Lift light weights fast
Be explosive and develop power: Sprint, jump, and throw. ⁠
Use conditioning methods that don’t leave you banged up. Sled pushes and pulls, sprints with full recovery, sprints with not a full recovery, airdyne bike, battle ropes, movement circuits, and tempo runs.
Move more. Go walk. Get 10,000+ steps per day.
I have seen many clients stop running so much and then they finally started to see the results they wanted and they felt better! ⁠
Have you been taught that running is the best form of exercise for a lean, athletic body?
Are you tired of running miles and doing endless amounts of cardio only to end up back where you start?
Apply to work with us and develop a training plan to get you the leaner, more athletic body you want so you can enjoy the things in life you love doing.
Or, you can keep running your body into the ground with no results to show.
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