Instant Gratification

The drive-through at Mcdonald’s gives you food in minutes if you can call it food.
Opening Instagram to find the latest trends in seconds.
Doing all your shopping with the click of a button.
Stretching your tight quad and feeling like you are doing something.
Having the chiropractor crack your back.
This is all instant gratification.
We live in a world of it today.
Most of the time instant gratification doesn’t solve the problem or the satisfaction lasts for a short time but after that, you are back to being dissatisfied.
Most of the instant gratification when it comes to your health is just a bandaid and isn’t actually getting to the root of the issue.
Instant gratification is holding you back from becoming an athlete 4 life and unleashing greatness.
You want results to happen yesterday.
You jump from workout to workout trying each new thing you see on social media.
You stretch one time believing it will make you less tight.
You think that one trip to the chiro will fix your back pain that has been lingering for years.
When you really need to play the long game.
You need to be impatient to take action and be patient in the process.
You need a long-term training and nutrition plan that will last your lifetime.
Quality movement done for the rest of your life is what is really going to fix your back and tightness.
Good nutrition based on whole, nutrient-dense foods, done for years is going to give you more energy so you won’t need to rely on 5-hour energy shots.
Stop looking for instant gratification because it will probably just leave you unsatisfied.
Focus on the long-term.
Build habits and behaviors to get you there.

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