In-Person Coaching

What is In-Person Coaching?

Work with me 1-on-1, or in a group small group of two to three people in-person to get the coaching you need to achieve your fitness and nutrition goals.

Who is In-Person Coaching For?

If you are looking to: 

  • Start training for the first time and want to learn how to move correctly and train with proper form.
  • Interact face-to-face with a coach who will push you and teach you the proper techniques.
  • Lose fat, build muscle, get stronger, move better.
  • Improve your quality of life. 
  • Gain more energy to do the things you love.
  • Build healthy nutrition habits to last your lifetime.


Then you have come to the right place! Work with me to develop a plan designed to meet you where you are currently at and take you where you want to be.

Goblet Box Squat
"Trevor is awesome! Makes workouts at a pace that I can follow and always encourages me to be better. On days where I’m not feeling up to it, we modify as needed. Wether you’re looking to bulk up, lose weight, or just feel better about yourself; Trevor is your guy!"

Benefits of In-Person Coaching

  • Interaction

You will work with me directly in-person to give you real-time feedback and coaching cues. I will be right there to show you exactly how to do each movement and assist you with any exercises. 

  • Support and Accountability

You don’t have to take this journey by yourself. You receive support from me throughout the process. When you choose to work with me we become a team.

  • Personalized Coaching

Receive a individualized training and nutrition plan to help you achieve your goals. Track progress and biofeedback to throughout the process. Your program is delivered through my app to make it easier for you. 

  • Access to My App

With my app, you get full access to me, your training and nutrition plan, and a database of exercises with instructional videos to guide you along the way. 

  • Results

I will meet you where you are at currently and develop a plan to get you the results you want.

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