If you aren’t growing you are not progressing!

Life is a journey.
As we grow we learn. Or at least you should learn.
We learn from our mistakes, failures, and people we look up to.
If you aren’t growing you are not improving.
Especially when it comes to your health.
As a kid, I knew nothing about health. I was always active through sports and living in the country but we knew nothing about quality nutrition.
I remember seeing athletes sponsoring things like Gatorade or Sprite and believing those things were good for you.
We grew up eating Tombstone pizzas, ramen noodles, Kraft mac and cheese, pop tarts, and everything else kids ate in the 90s.
Mainly because our parents didn’t know what eating healthy was.
Then in college came the partying and drinking. I enjoyed spending money on crappy food and going out to the bars. A lot of my loan money went to partying. Talk about a poor investment. 😂
Back then I would rather spend money on booze, fast food, and clothes I didn’t need.
I have grown over the years.
Learning from my mistakes and failures.
Educating myself from my own experiences and the courses and certifications I have done.
Learning the type of person I don’t want to be from people around me.
Now, I would rather invest my money into myself or my business.
I would rather buy $300 worth of quality food than spend it on a bunch of clothes I will wear once or alcohol that will give me a hangover for 3 days.
I would rather go to bed early than stay up all night drinking and partying.
Do I get made fun of for this? Yes. But I don’t care.
I know what I want and the person I want to be.
It is crazy that people who are trying to live a healthier life are looked down upon because of a society that promotes fast food, alcohol, obesity, and so many unhealthy behaviors.
It is backward!
Growth happens throughout life.
How have you grown during your life?

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