Help Your kids Perform Better On The Field!



You don’t hesitate to buy your kid a $500 baseball bat or $200 pair of bball shoes. 


You spend thousands on specialty sports lessons and sign them up for that club team that is not helping them. 




You feed them chips, goldfish, Takis, school lunches, and all the other ultra-processed junk. 


You let them stay up until 4 am when they need to get up at 6 for school or practice. 


If you truly want your kids to start performing better in their sports, start feeding them good food and teach them about the importance of sleep on their performance. 


Maybe start investing money in quality food. 


Consider investing time in educating them about sleep. 


These two things will play a bigger role in their performance than special equipment or camps. 


And if they start eating well and sleeping more, then all the other stuff you spend money on will help them even more. 


It is about priorities. You think more training, more practice, more lessons is all they need. 


But if they aren’t fueled for that training, the training doesn’t do much. 


All the practice and training they do is breaking the body down. 


When you feed them garbage you are not helping nourish their body to recover and refuel. 


Give them whole nutrient-dense foods and watch what happens on the field or court. 


More importantly, watch how they start feeling off the field and court. 


Watch, their energy increase and their mood gets better. Their ability to focus and stay on task increases. 


They will do better in school. 


Sports performance is only part of it!

Plus, if you start them young they will be building habits that they can take with them for the rest of their lives. 


You say you want what is best for your kids and you will do anything for them but you keep feeding them crap and allowing them to not sleep and wonder why they struggle. 


You have the choice to help get them started and teach them the positives of eating better and sleeping more. 


Will it be easy?


No. And you don’t have to do it all at once. 


Start small and build from there.


Want help?


Get them signed up for one of our coaching plans. We work with kids and parents to help create the best nutrition and lifestyle habits for the kids to go along with training. DM me to get them started. 


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