Healthy Habits

If your goal is to live a healthier more fulfilling life you should develop healthy habits. These habits should improve your mind, body, and relationships.

Are you someone who has unhealthy eating habits? Do you gorge on highly processed foods? It can be tough to change these habits. You do not and should not change everything at once. Start small, making a few healthy changes. For example, instead of having a bag of chips for lunch, add a piece of fruit or vegetables instead. Another example is to swap out that can of pop for a bottle of water. If you make a few small changes each week they will become habits and you will naturally grab that apple instead of a cookie. One food habit that helps me is to not buy junk food. If you don’t have it in your house you will not eat it. Bring a lunch to work, rather than get fast food every day. Your body will thank you for this and so will your wallet. Over time, you will no longer crave fast food.

Another habit I suggest is to develop a morning routine. Get up and do something! Whether this is working out, going for a walk, family time, or getting work done. Skip hitting the snooze button and get your day going.

My morning routine starts with a glass of water and a quality pre-workout meal.  This is usually followed by my workout, as long as I get a good nights sleep. I find that working out early in the morning provides me energy for the day and keeps me feeling good. This also assures that I get my workout in.

A good nightly routine should not be overlooked either. As connected to our phones, computers, and TVs as we are, it is important to turn these devices off and get to bed. Quality sleep, along with nutrition and training, are vital to overall health. Some healthy sleep habits include keeping your bedroom cool, dark, and removing devices from your bedroom. Try and get away from the blue light on your devices before bed. This can be accomplished by turning them off or using blue light blocking glasses or an app.

The final habit I want to touch on is schedule things and make time for what is important. Many people believe being busy is a good thing, but I find being busy means you are not productive and not efficient. Plan your day. Add things to your calendar that you want to do. If all you do is work you are going burn out fast. For example, schedule times during the day you are going to complete tasks that need to be done, starting with the most important. This will make you more efficient and be able to get home to spend time with your family or do your hobbies. Staying late at work does not mean you are working harder than everyone else. It more likely means you are lazy and inefficient. 

What habits can you change to be healthier, change your life, and have more time to do what you love?

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