Get Faster By Doing These Things…

How do I get faster?
This is a question I get from a lot of athletes and former athletes looking to be an athlete 4 life.
We always hear sportscasters say “You can’t teach speed.”
This is simply not true.
Yes, the Usain Bolts and Tyreek Hills of the world are genetic freaks.
They are the outliers.
Just because they are athletic freaks doesn’t mean you can’t teach speed and get faster.
Being an athlete 4 life means you are fast, powerful, strong, and move well.
Here are 6 ways to get faster:
Sprint – Max effort sprints with complete rest. ~ 60 seconds rest for every 10 yards sprinted
Get stronger – Building strength in the weight room, especially for newbies.
Go slower – Use weighted sled sprint/pushes and tempo runs.
Jumps – single and double leg jumps to help you build power and explosiveness.
Mobility and sprint drills – Being able to control strength through a better range of motion allows you to build speed.
Games – Compete against a partner in drills and races.
Speed kills in sports.
In football, the faster wide receiver can burn by a D-back.
In baseball, the speedy guy turns singles into doubles.
In basketball, the PG hits the crossover and explodes to the hole for 2.
Ready to get faster and be an athlete 4 life?
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