Fix Your Shoulder Pain

Too many people go through life suffering from shoulder pain.

It could be from injury, sitting too much, or just not moving your shoulder properly.

Are you one of them?

We have had many clients with shoulder issues and I have recently been suffering from pain in my left shoulder. So I know how much it sucks to have pain in your shoulder.

My shoulder issues started last year during the state tournament for our baseball team. Anytime I swung the bat or had to reach for a ball while cathing I felt a sharp pain in the back of my shoulder. After the season was done I did my best to rehab it but the issues popped up again this season.

So I decided I needed to do things differently this time to fix the shoulder. First, I did get it checked out by my doctor to make sure there was no tear. Who there doesn’t seem to be.

And I have also been working with a PT to rehab it. He was impressed with what I was doing.

I have been using shoulder Iso holds and they have been working wonders.

Here is how to perform them:

-Grab a light resistance band
-Attach to a rack or something that won’t move at shoulder height
-Face the band and get tension on it
-Hold arm out bent at 90 degrees at shoulder height in external rotation (palm facing band) not letting band pull your arm down
-Hold for 10-30 seconds
-Flip around and hold in external rotation with palm facing away from band
-Hold for 10-30 sec
-Rotate fist and wrist down toward ground still bent at 90 degrees so you are in internal rotation
-Hold for 10-30 sec

Do for multiple sets and do with both arms

Watch the video for a better understanding

If you are having shoulder pain try out these shoulder Iso holds and see how they work for you.
Any more shoulder questions, drop them in the comments below.

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