Feeling Like Crap In Your Body

I remember what it was like to feel like crap in my body.
Falling asleep midday.
A spare tire around my waist.
Scared about taking my shirt off in public.
Growing a goatee to cover my double chin.
But I thought this was normal.
I fit in with the other college kids.
I trained and had some muscle, but that muscle was covered in fat.
I looked like chewed gum.
I was 196 lbs at probably 20-something % body fat.
I looked for pictures but I couldn’t find any without a shirt on because I was afraid to take it off.
Slowly but surely, I started to change.
Sick or looking in the mirror seeing a fat lard.
Sick of almost falling asleep on my drive home from work.
First, it was my nutrition. I went all in on eating better. But what I did was become an over-restrictive mess.
I was eating super low-calorie and was still drinking too much.
This led me to lose a bunch of weight and body fat but it also took a toll on me inside.
If not for listening to a podcast about getting bloodwork done, I probably would have continued down this road.
I was 28 years old. I went in on a Saturday morning to the River Falls clinic to get some blood drawn to see where my testosterone levels were.
After a week, the results finally came.
37 ng/dl
The normal range is somewhere like 250 – 1000.
It was at that moment I decided to go all in on my health and use my knowledge not just to look, feel, and move better.
It was during this time I hired coaches, for training and nutrition.
Would you believe me if I said you can be in the best shape of your life after 30?
At 35, I am in the best shape of my life and only getting better!
I just had my annual bloodwork done, and I have got my testosterone levels into the normal range naturally through sleep, nutrition, and training.
I am lean, athletic, and have energy throughout the day.
I started a business where I help other people do the same.
In my 20s, I lived a life of destruction. Now in my 30s, I live my best life.
If you are struggling, you are not alone!
I have battled that path too! And I have dedicated my work to helping people like you!
Drop a comment “Athlete 4 Life” below and I will reach out with more details.

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