What is So Great About Working With You?

I’m glad you asked!

In all seriousness, I put together what we hope are useful answers to a bunch of the most frequently asked questions we get from people thinking about jumping into training and nutrition coaching.

If you’re digging into this and decide you want in and you’ve already been invited, shoot me a text at 715-220-1359. 

If you want in, go ahead and book a call at the link below any of the videos.  

How Fast Can I Expect Results?

How Does the Coach and Client Relationship Work? Especially if We Are Working Online.

What Makes Your Program Different?

Wheel #1: The Training Program

Wheel #2: The Nutrition Program

Wheel #3: Habits For Life

Wheel #4: Accountability

What Do We Chat About On The First Call? Hair Color, Secret Desires, Why The Bears Still Suck?

What If I Have Had Previous injuries? Do I Have to Do Exercises That Cause Me Pain?

What Equipment Do I Need?

Are You Going To Force Me To Eat Chicken and Broccoli At Every Meal?

Will I Have to Work Out All Day, Every Day?

What If I Get Off Track?

What Does A Day In The Life Of One Of My Clients Look Like?

Do You Work With Everyone?

Do We Have Fun?

How Much Does It Cost?

Why Do You Coach?

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