Embrace the Journey

Are you stuck looking for the quick fix to lose weight? Do you want to add ten pounds of muscle overnight? Well let’s face it, goals like these or other fitness and nutrition-related goals will not happen overnight. Weight loss, muscle gain, strength gain, and being healthier overall are all a long process. You need to embrace and enjoy the journey. In fact, life is a journey.

Will the journey be easy? No. There will be times that are tough, but if you persevere it will all be worth it. In a world where companies market all these quick-fix supplements, it is tough for people to understand that it is a journey. I am here to let you know that these products are not going to fix you overnight or even in a month. Take for instance a 30-day weight loss challenge. Sure you can lose weight in 30 days but what happens after that 30 days? Most people just go back to what they were doing before because they were not taught how to develop proper habits and behaviors that lead to long-term success and health. 

Habits take time to develop, so it is also going to take time to break bad habits and learn new behaviors. Start small and gradually work toward your goals by turning small habits into healthier behaviors.

Patience can be tough especially for someone who is looking to lose weight or add muscle. Rushing these things can lead to being even unhealthier than before. If you want to build muscle and add too many calories too fast you will add more body fat than if you take a slower approach. Cut weight too fast and you can wreck hormones, lose muscle, and become deficient in key nutrients. 

The same goes for weight training. You do not want to jump right in and start barbell back squatting 300 pounds. Especially if you have never lifted before. First, you should get an assessment done and see where you currently are. Then work with a coach to learn the proper movement patterns and gradually over time you gain experience. Master the movements first, then you will progress to adding more weight while moving better. Rushing this process will leave you banged up, injured, and not doing the movements correctly.

Are you ready to start your journey? Working with me for a couple of months can get you on a good start but working with me for a year or more can change your life! If you are ready to make a change to start feeling better, looking better, getting stronger, while training like an athlete, apply here.

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