Dopamine Hit!

That feeling of relief when you do a 20-second quad stretch when your quads are sore after a day of squatting.

That trip to the chiro to get your back cracked once a week has you feeling loose. 

You drag your body out of bed slam a Monster and pre-workout and you are ready to run through a brick wall. 

The Miller Lite after a long day of work because you deserve it feels good. 

These are those quick dopamine hits. They have you feeling good in that moment.

But are they doing anything long-term?

Probably not. They are more likely a bandaid that is covering up you from actually feeling good and making progress. 

This is the problem with our instant gratification society. 

We have access to everything at our fingertips. 

With our phones, and with social media. One click and we have it in a day or two. 

Then this rolls into our health and fitness. 

You want everything yesterday. 

You look for the next quick fix to give you that dopamine hit and make you feel good right away.

Fitness and health don’t work like that!

As much as you don’t want to hear it. It is a long journey. Weeks, months, years! 

There is no 30-day challenge or 12-week program that is going to figure everything out for you. 

It is 30 years or however long you have to live. 

It is 4 life!

Changing your nutrition habits takes time. 

Building a lean, athletic body that moves like a human takes years. 

Sleeping well is not a one-night thing. 

Going to the chiropractor isn’t going to do shit if you continue doing the same stuff you have been doing that got you into back pain outside of the chiro. 

All that caffeine is just a bandaid on the real issue that you don’t sleep or eat well. 

The stuff that gives you that dopamine hit and feel good at that very moment probably isn’t going to be satisfying and help in the long run. 

Play the long game with your training, nutrition, and health. 

Embrace it. Live it. 

Unleash greatness!

Be an Athlete 4 life!

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