Don’t always believe what you see!

You are scrolling Instagram or Tik Tok.
You see all these people flaunting their six packs.
Showing their booty.
Claiming that they are always ripped and shredded.
That you can see their six-pack even when they are not flexing.
Well, most people are not shredded year round.
Unless they are on the juice.
Most of these social media influencers are using perfect lighting and photoshop to make themselves look better.
Look at the pictures I posted.
This is not a before and after. These were taken on the same day.
On the left, I am not flexing. On the right, I am flexing.
You can tell it isn’t photo-shopped because you can’t make up those tan lines!
Am I in the greatest shape? No. Am I lean? Yes.
I am a work in progress, always working to get better.
The lesson.
Don’t always believe what you see, especially if it sounds too good to be true.
Also, don’t compare yourself to others. That person on social media might be on year 20 of training and you are on day 20. You can’t compare to them.
Instead, compare yourself to your yesterday, you last week, and you last year!
At TAG we are transparent. No BS claims here.
If you want to build a leaner, more athletic body, without photoshop we can help.
As a bonus, we can also teach you how to get awesome tan lines!
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