Do you struggle to get off the floor?

There is not much that pisses me off more than a basketball player who gets knocked to the ground and then just lays with their hands out, waiting for a teammate to come help them up.


Just get up on your own!


Which brings me to you. 


Can you get off the ground without pain?


Does it take you ten minutes to get off the ground?


Do you need to grab something to pull yourself up?


It shouldn’t be like this. 


You are getting older. You have kids or grandkids you want to get on the ground and play Legos with or play hide and seek. 


You can’t do this if you are in pain and can’t get back up. 


You don’t want to be on the Life Alert commercials saying, “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up.”


Start adding getting on and off the ground as part of your training. 


You should be able to get off the ground without pain, without assistance. 


How do you do this?


Rolling, tumbling, crawling, and getting off the ground in different positions. 


Be athletic to get on and off the ground so you can play with your kids!

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