Crawl for Gains!

Use this exercise to build full-body strength and motor control.
Sure, you can walk, but can you crawl?
When you think of crawling you may just think of it as something a toddler does. Or, you may scoff at the idea of crawling in a training session.
Proper crawling is an effective movement that you should master. This is not randomly crawling around with your arms and legs flailing everywhere. It is a controlled motion that incorporates the entire body.
Check out the video and see how I am moving in a slow, controlled motion. Working to keep my entire body braced throughout the crawl.
Why Crawl?
They are great for full-body strength, stability, motor control, and mobility.
When done properly, crawl engage your core, hips, legs, pelvis, back, shoulders, and arms. Everything needs to work together to ensure proper form.
They are a versatile movement because you can use them as part of your warmup to activate and engage your pillar (shoulders, core, hips).
You can also use them for conditioning or as a core exercise.
Different Variations
There are many different variations you can do as well. Crawl forward, backward, sideways, or even in circles.
Once you master the bodyweight crawl you can add load to the crawl by wearing a weight vest or adding weight plates on your back.
Try out some crawls in your next session and let me know what you think.

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