Consistency is a Gift and a Curse

You finished up a month of training where you make some excellent progress and start dialing in a routine of training, eating better, and working on healthy habits.

Then after a month, you decide that you need a break because you are going to be busy with work and going on some vacations.

So you fall back into that old routine. You make excuses that you will not have time to train.

You tell yourself you will not have time to eat well and focus on your health.

This is consistent behavior you have had over the years. You do well for a few weeks or a month but then you give up and start making excuses.

Sound like you?

You hear all the gurus say consistency is the key to achieving your fitness goals.

Consistency is all you need.


That is not necessarily true.

Can consistency be great?


But consistency can also be awful for your progress too!

The key is that you need to be consistent in the right things.

Because most of you are already consistent. Just in the wrong things.

Consistency can be good and bad.

You are consistent at …

❌Taking breaks from your training
❌Not training at all
❌Making excuses
❌eating junk food
❌being sedentary
❌skipping meals
❌following fad diets
❌not sleeping
❌not taking your health seriously
❌not investing in yourself
❌drinking alcohol

Instead, be consistent at …

✅Sleeping 7+ hours
✅Eating whole, nutrient-dense foods
✅Eating protein, carbs, and fats
✅Getting 10,000+ steps
✅Investing in your health
✅Drinking water

It is essential to be consistent with the right things. If you want to be an athlete 4 life then be consistent with the green checks.

Are you being consistent with the things you need to be to reach your fitness goals?

What are you struggling with?

Let me know in the comments.

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