Clever Food Marketing

Does eating well confuse you?

Is it getting harder to figure out what foods will help you feel better and build a lean, athletic body?

One influencer says eggs are bad one day, then the next day they are good. 

Another says oatmeal is bad and fruit will make you fat. 

All the food companies promote their products as a “healthy food option” by putting labels on them to get you to buy more. 

The problem is the big food companies have all the money and power. So they can market to you and trick you into thinking something is a “health food” when it is junk with a fancy label. 

The Instagram influencer with a huge following says to eat this special protein bar that is nothing but a candy bar with a special label. 

It can get confusing and seem complicated. 

But it is just clever marketing. 


Peanut butter is a good source of protein. It isn’t. 

Gatorade, Prime, and other sports drinks are being marketed as something your athletes need. 

Foods that have added protein (all those fancy cereals that cost $10 a box).

The protein bars, cookies, candy, etc. 

Organic foods! Organic cookies and candy are still cookies and candy made with a bunch of junk. 

Food with other labels like keto, zero calories, low fat, fat-free, no added sugar, and all-natural. Be wary of what is actually in them. 

Most of this stuff is junk and a waste of money. 

Am I saying don’t eat it? No. You can eat whatever you want. That is your choice. But be aware. 

Start focusing on eating whole, nutrient-dense foods to make it easier for you. Foods that come from the earth and foods that come from animals. 

Think of the foods on the outer aisles of the grocery store.

Think foods that don’t come in boxes or packages. 

Think foods that will expire if you don’t eat them within a certain timeframe.

Think single-ingredient foods. Then combine single-ingredient foods to make delicious meals. 

Learn to read ingredient labels if you do buy food with them.

It can be hard to navigate through all the B.S. out there but if you need help, let me know. That is what I help with!

What questions do you have about it?

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