11 Face Pull Variations For Shoulder and Upper Back Health

Are you stuck sitting at a desk all day? Then you will benefit from incorporating more direct upper back work into your training program. Today we have become more sedentary, sitting at desks, working on our computers and phones all day.  This causes our shoulders to round forward. This can cause postural issues and pain …

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Kettlebell Bottoms Up Carry

The Carry

The final foundational movement pattern I include in my training programs is the carry. This movement pattern focuses on lifting a heavy object and walking with it. Heavy carries are great for building strength and stability, especially in the core. There are many variations and pieces of equipment that can be utilized for carries.  Why …

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Goblet Box Squat

The Squat

Squatting is one of the foundational movement patterns along with the hip hinge, push, pull, lunge and carry. As human beings, we squat throughout our entire lives. From a baby first learning to stand to an adult squatting down to pick up a box off the floor. We squat almost every day so it is …

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