Build a lean body by eating this…

Eat this to build a lean body!⁠

When it comes to building a leaner, more athletic body at any age, nutrition is a huge part of the process.⁠

You need to combine nutrition with your sleep, training, and mindset. ⁠

But what should you eat?⁠

There is no one food alone that will build a lean athletic body.⁠

You need to focus on a diet consisting of whole, nutrient-rich foods.⁠

These include:⁠

1. Protein – Make sure you eat a high amount of protein. A good goal is 1 gram per lb of body weight. Or, 1 gram per lb of lean body mass if you are overweight.⁠

Protein sources – lean beef, chicken, turkey, egg, dairy, fish⁠

2. Carbs – too often carbs are vilified. Carbs give us the energy to train. So stop cutting them out. The amount needed will be different for everyone.⁠

Carb sources – Oats, rice, potatoes/yams, vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains.⁠

3. Fat – fats fuel many functions throughout the body, including our brain. They are essential to life. ⁠

Fat sources – eggs, nuts, seeds, nut butter, avocado, butter, olives & olive oil.⁠

This is not an exhaustive list. ⁠

Find the foods you like and start incorporating them into your plan.⁠

You can keep eating a bunch of junk all the time and not making progress toward a leaner, more athletic body.⁠

Or, you can get a plan designed to help you build a leaner, more athletic body.⁠

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