Post-Workout Nutrition

You Don’t Need To Drink a Protein Shake Immediately After Your Last Rep!But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a post-workout meal.Can you have a post-workout shake?Yes, but there is no magic …

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

Want some cookies? Try these. If you are tired of feeling like crap after eating store-bought cookies full of ultra-processed stuff you have no idea what it is then here is a delicious recipe for you….

5 Moves To Improve Shoulder Health

Do these 5 moves to improve your shoulder pain! Are you stuck behind a computer all day? Are your shoulders starting to round forward? Do you have tight, achy shoulders? Does it hurt to raise your…

Parents, Help Your Athletes Out

Hey Parents, You play a BIG role in your child’s athletic development! Playing their sport is only going to take your athlete so far. Too many kids these days are only playing their sport or sports,…

5 Exercises to Build Your Backside

Build Your Backside With This Exercise! Everything you do these days is in front of you. You are on phones, computers, even eating. When you train, you only focus on the mirror muscles. Your biceps, a…
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