At TAG Performance & Nutrition, Your Athlete Will…

Build Strength

They’ll get stronger and bulletproof their body from any possible injuries so they can stay healthy all season long.

Build Confidence and Mindset

Kids with better self-confidence & self-esteem, get better grades, have better behavior & are more likely to be leaders on & off the field.

Get Faster

They’ll improve their speed so they can run as fast as possible. Speed kills and often times is the deciding factor in a game or contest.

Start At Their Level

They’ll train in a program that matches their current ability. They will NOT be put in some cookie-cutter program. Programs will progress as your athlete does.

1-on-1 or Small Group

1-on-1 or small group coaching options available. No overcrowded classes they’ll get lost in or feel like a number. Online or in-person coaching available.

Build Power

They’ll increase their athleticism and build explosive power so they will gain the respect that they deserve from their coaches.


1. Apply & Discovery Call

We do a deep dive into your application. We discuss your goals, your history, where you are at, and where you want to be. Then determine if we are a good fit working together.

2. Pick Your Plan

Choose in-person or online. 1-on-1 or small group coaching.

3. Unleash Your Greatest Athlete

Perform and transform by executing the plan we design which includes training and nutrition.

Get Your ATHLETE Started Now


If you want your child become faster, stronger, & more confident, get started now


Q: What ages is this for? A: The program is for boys and girls from middle school up to college athletes.

Q: How much does it cost? A: It depends on what option you choose. We will discuss this in the discovery call.

Q: How many athletes are in a session? A: With 1-on-1 coaching it is just the athlete and me. With small group it is your athlete plus up to 2 other athletes. 

Q: What comes with the program? A: 

  • 12-weeks of Expert-Designed Workouts Delivered in-person or online Through the TrueCoach App
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Habits for Life Coaching (mindset, breathing, recovery, sleep)
  • Weekly Accountability: coaching calls and check-in forms
  • Private Support & Accountability Group


Q: Is your program sport specific? A: Our program is “Athlete Specific”. If I have two athletes who play the same sport & the same position – that doesn’t mean they will have the same program. Each athlete has individual needs and start at different levels. While the sports they play is a consideration in designing their program, we focus on designing programs specific to the athlete.

Q: Who leads coaching? A: Trevor Gutting will be your coach.

Q: What types of exercises will you do? A: We will teach you the fundamental movement patterns. Squat, hinge, push, pull, lunge, locomotion.

Q: How long are the workouts? A: Each in-person session will last approximately 1 hour.

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