Add These Tools To Your Training To Be More Athletic

You can have all the barbells.

All the dumbbells, kettlebells, and machines. 

But the best some of the best training equipment to help make you more athletic is not your typical weight-room equipment. 

In strength and conditioning, these tools might be looked at as unconventional when they should be conventional!

Here are 4 simple tools to add to your training toolbox to help you become an athlete 4 life. 

  1. A hill – Go outside and find a hill to sprint up and down. It’s free and it will help you get faster, stronger, and build muscle. 
  2. Balloons – there might not be a better way to develop athleticism than with a balloon. You are only limited by your creativity. 
  3. Balls – Use every type of ball. Throw, kick, slam, toss, lift, roll, and play games. 
  4. Hurdles – Jump over, run around, and duck under. Hurdles are another effective training tool to help develop power, speed, mobility, and athleticism. 

Cheap, simple, effective. 

What more could you ask for?

Get out of the traditional strength and conditioning and start unleashing greatness!

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