A Huge Problem For Youth Athletes

This is one of the biggest problems I see with youth athletes!

They play one sport all year.

Now, this is not a post about being a one-sport athlete.

Do I think playing multiple sports is better than one sport?


But if you are an athlete who truly only enjoys and is good at one sport then more power to you.

But you need an offseason!

You need time off to recover.

You need time to train.

You need a break.

The body needs a break.

Especially sports like baseball and football.

You don’t see pro athletes playing year-round.


Because they know their bodies need to recover.

So why do you think your 13-year-old needs to play for 10 different baseball teams with no time off from throwing?

Throwing is an unnatural motion and is very violent.

The arm needs rest.

The body needs rest.

Athletes who play multiple sports don’t really get much of an offseason but their bodies do get a break and get to focus on different skills in the different sports.

Take an offseason to get in the gym.

Take an offseason to get stronger, faster, more explosive, and build muscle.

These things can help you build general athleticism to help with your specific sports practice skills and abilities.

There is no sport-specific training that is done in the weight room.

Sport-specific training is done in practice and the games.

The offseason is where you get better.

Where you rebuild.

Where you avoid burnout.

If you are a youth athlete, are you taking an offseason?

If you are a parent, does your athlete have an offseason?

Let me know in the comments.

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