A Barbell is Just A Tool

A barbell is just a tool!⁠

It is not the be-all-end-all for training.⁠

Don’t get married to it!⁠

Don’t get married to just one training tool.⁠

Too many people think the only way to train is with the barbell.⁠

Just like you have kettlebell worshipers, cardio connoisseurs, group class junkies.⁠

You have the people married to the barbell.⁠

You hear things like…⁠

“If you don’t use a barbell it doesn’t count”⁠

“You have to use the barbell for benching, squatting, and deadlift”⁠

These things are not true.⁠

Don’t get me wrong the barbell can be a great tool!⁠

But it isn’t for everyone.⁠

And you don’t have to use it to get great results.⁠

Can it get you great results?⁠


But you need to make sure you are ready to use it.⁠

You have to earn the right to use it.⁠

Master movements before loading a heavy barbell.⁠

The straight bar can also cause pain for certain people. ⁠

For example, the majority of people should not straight bar deadlift from the floor. ⁠

Or, does a barbell back squat hurt your low back?⁠

Then don’t use the barbell for those movements.⁠

Find a different tool that allows you to progress and lift heavy pain-free.⁠

Are you married to the barbell?⁠

Is your body feeling banged up and injured?⁠

Let me know in the comments. ⁠

It is ok to let go of the barbell and find a new tool to train these movements even if that meathead powerlifter in the gym tells you that your lifts don’t count if it isn’t with a straight bar.⁠

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