5 Simple, quick breakfast ideas

What to do if you are in a hurry in the morning?
Skip breakfast?
Grab and go, risk spilling your coffee on your drive?
Grab some junk from the gas station on the way?
I get it all the time.
The old, “I don’t have time for breakfast excuse.”
Truth be told you do have time.
You are just lazy!
You can prioritize your time.
Prep the night before or a few days before.
Go to bed earlier and get up earlier so you can make breakfast.
Have simple ready-to-go options available.
Breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day.
There is no most important meal.
Your next meal is the most important.
If you want a lean, athletic body you should not be skipping breakfast though.
So what are some quick, easy options for breakfast?
Focus on high-protein, quality fiber-rich carbs, and good fats.
Here are a few options:
Greek Yogurt – mix in some fruit and/or nuts to get a high-protein fiber-packed breakfast.
Overnight oats – prep the night or day before. Throw some oats in a jar or container and let your imagination run wild. Add milk, greek yogurt, protein powder, nuts, seeds, honey, fruit, etc. The possibilities are endless.
Eggs – eggs are quick and easy to make. Throw them in a pan, add in some veggies and fry them up. Or make some hard-boiled eggs.
Smoothie – Add in your favorite protein powder with milk, fruit, veggies, nut butter, etc. to a blender and make your own healthy creations.
Toast – Get some whole wheat or sprouted grain toast. Spread some peanut butter on top and add some sliced bananas or other fruit.
Protein Pancakes – Protein powder, egg, banana, Arrowmills buckwheat flour, maple syrup. Whip up some quick pancakes for a delicious breakfast.
What is your go-to breakfast?
Try some of these out and let me know what you think.
If you need more ideas download my free High Protein Breakfast Guide.

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