5 Moves To Improve Shoulder Health

Do these 5 moves to improve your shoulder pain!

Are you stuck behind a computer all day?

Are your shoulders starting to round forward?

Do you have tight, achy shoulders?

Does it hurt to raise your arms overhead?

Here are 5 movements you can use to build healthier, pain-free shoulders.

Include these in your warm-up, as fillers in between sets, or even use them as pump work to finish out a training session. These are also something you can perform a few sets daily.

Today, we do everything in front of us, so we become too forward dominant. Things like sitting at a computer all-day or even bench pressing too much can cause shoulders to round forward, creating tight pecs, sore shoulders, and weak upper back.

Focusing on the backside of the shoulders and upper back with the movements above will lead to pain-free movement and better posture.

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