3 Tips To Help Your Youth Athletes Eat Better

Want to help your kids be healthier and eat better?


I hear so many people complain that their kids don’t eat healthy. 


First off, what is eating healthy?


It is eating how we, as humans, are meant to eat. A nutrition plan based on whole, nutrient-dense foods that come from the earth or from animals. 


Humans are omnivores. Eat plants and animals!


This should be the norm but gets labeled as eating healthy because the norm is all the fast food, junk food, and other stuff that society deems as food. 


Kids today are overweight, out of shape, and do not have healthy habits. 


As a parent, it is your job to raise kids to be happy and healthy. 


A big part of that comes down to nutrition. 


If you are struggling with getting your kids to eat well, here are 3 tips to help. 


3. Lead by example. It starts with you! Are you being a good example of health for them? 


Do you eat well, train, and do all the healthy habits you want them to do? 


Chances are probably not! If you are overweight, out of shape and always eating junk your kids will follow your example. 


If you start eating more quality food, kids are more likely to follow!


2. Get them involved in Cooking. Teach them how to cook and let them have a say in what you are eating each meal. 


If they are involved in making a meal it will help them feel important. 


Cooking is a skill that will last a lifetime so get them started young. 


3. Pack a cold lunch. Who knows what they get served at school lunches. I have worked in schools and they are not getting lunches that are packed with protein, quality fats, and quality carbs. 


Send quality meals with them so you know that they are getting the proper nutrition that their growing body needs and deserves. 

Start using those 3 tips to help build healthy nutrition habits at a young age. 


The goal is to help them build habits that last for their entire life. So the younger you can get healthy habits engrained in them the more likely they are to use them for life. 


This isn’t a quick fix. 


It will take time and effort from you, the parents, and your kids!


But if you say you will do anything for your kids then you should be doing this!


Help your kids unleash greatness through nutrition!


What do you do to help your kids build healthy nutrition habits?


Let me know in the comments.

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